Week 7-Man in the Mirror

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Week 7, this really is a heroes journey isn’t it, full of twists and turns and unexpected battles. An adventure every day that tests the champions will and determination to win, whatever the odds or obstacles. Isn’t it always the reluctant one or the one who THINKS he is to weak, who is forced or chosen to become the hero? The one who has to dig deep within and discover what he thought about himself or herself, wasn’t even close to who they actually were inside. Perception.  This week the exercise have been challenging but its the readings that have been the calm to balance out the moments of my chaos. One of the most powerful has been the guy/gal in the mirror, I didn’t expect it to have such impact. Its turned me into a motivational speaker for me and combined with scroll 2’s love, MK 7  and sitting with my friend. Its incredible…

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Week 22- Gratitude

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The power of thoughts, transformation, growth and miracles.

I feel it wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t share where and how this journey began and how far I have came since I decided to answer the call of this mkmma course.

I owe this to Mark J, during one of our webinars one of my classmates had a challenge and Mark shared a part of his life as an example with us most would not. He didn’t care how he would be perceived, he cared more about helping that person on their journey to become greater.

In essence the answer he gave was why be concerned about where you are right now in life, when this is not where you are going to stay. What does it really matter about your failures, others opinions of you or the past when the person you are now, is not the person you are creating everyday and will become. Why feel any guilt, shame or unworthiness about who you are NOW. Its not permanent because you are on a path of transformation.

That hit home for me, deep within, it changed me and my thoughts to witness that kind of openness.

In that moment I saw what real courage was. When you can bare your soul to the world without regard for judgment or criticism. Your mistakes, failures, missteps are just scenery on a road you pass by on the way to your real destination, your true authentic self.

Discovering who you are and realizing what you are within. What freedom and power, to unchain yourself from the false beliefs, thoughts, self inflicted pain and emotions about circumstances, conditions and ourselves. So to the world and those who thought you knew me …….

Baby you ain’t seen nothing yet!

When I started this journey, eight months earlier I had been laid off from a company that I believed I could have left on my own terms. Never saw it coming and thought I would be the last person for this happen to. The owner and myself were very close, really threw me for a loop and I was unprepared.

First two months felt like a much needed rest after 6 day work weeks and practically always on call. Then the wrong feelings began kicking in, anger, hurt, depression. Then friends started looking at my conditions began building beliefs I didn’t want to do anything, was lazy, mental, a loser, yea these were my friends. I was grateful because they helped during a difficult period but it came with a price.

I was very angry “Again“, people I was close to, do anything for and would never believed would treat me wrongly was replayed “Again”. I was battling a very difficult and down place when the MKMMA came along. It was a glimmer of hope in a situation and time with not much light.

To battle the negative feelings and depression I began seeing a therapist which helped a lot. Its amazing how much having someone to talk to can help I will be the first to encourage anyone in a hard situation to find someone they are comfortable with and expressing themselves too, forget your ego…..Really.

I think that decision was the first step. That step to decide with conviction, back against the wall to change my life and not care about ego. The seed of courage the universe needed to build its Hero.

Thought plus Feeling the invincible Force saw a new channel.

The first month of mkmma was eye opening I was getting hooked. It explained things in a way I never experienced. It answered questions I had been searching for most of my life.

It gave hope, a flicker of light and I had nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Since that first day I decided to hold on and finish see it to the end even if it turned out to be like all the other self help books and talks I listened to in the past. At the very least I would learn something new or gain a different view, every little bit helps if it gets me closer to changing my life. I also needed for my ego to finish and not quit on something “Again”.

Never Again!

I used all the negative conditions and emotions I was living in to keep me going. My ego wanted to prove everyone wrong that doubted me and I wanted so bad to see their faces when they saw my success. I need this to work!

As the lessons came, my hunger grew I needed more and in my thinking I believed more effort meant faster success. I consumed myself with it trying to get some switch within me to hurry and kick in. I was so ready for change but change requires time especially after decades of habit.

What was I thinking?

Lack, Loss, Fear, Separate, Small, A Quick fix. All Limiting beliefs, even though my desire was there, I had to eliminate my bad habits if my true success is ever achieved.


Is the most challenging, enlightening, thought provoking, humbling, soul bearing, heart wrenching, tearful, miraculous, freeing task, I have and still experience in my life. For the first time in my life I met myself and “He” showed me what is possible. He laid everything on the table in the light and we discussed each and every part of my Being in detail, no matter how emotional.

No more running, No more hiding!

If I didn’t gain but one thing from mkmma this would be my pearl.

This course has done that time and time again, sending me on a path of true self discovery of the light within us all that shines bright like a diamond.

Over time everything became less about what’s happening around me and more about what’s happening within me. It redirected my focus into learning from scratch how to be a human being.

Admit I had a lot of work to do, Admit that many things I believed about myself were mostly wrong, Admit that my eyes never saw I was natures greatest miracle!

As the course developed my burning desire to succeed grew but my motivations changed. I cared less about proving something to someone else and it became more about proving everything to myself. What the people around me thought of me slowly became like peanuts to what I discovered and thought about myself.

It IS a deeply emotional, intense and challenging process. In the early weeks I was fighting a battle on two fronts against my own changing beliefs and habitual thoughts and the negative feedback from the outside world screaming I got sold snake oil. Instead of finding a job he’s  losing his mind with vision boards and mumbo jumbo.

Into these final weeks, saying the final farewells to the last lingering fragments of the past which no longer serves me. Burning that bridge and embracing the unknown, the new life, the new person. Taking the last glances at all that I have given up and turning away. Its exactly where I want to be just not exactly what I expected. What I thought would take less courage now I have discovered demands even more.

Two steps forward one step back, the pace of mastery has been my mode of travel. As an observer this might be MY way and I am comfortable to embrace it now before I sprint later. The beliefs I have for myself are more inline with my authentic self, my conditions have improved. I created relationships that encourage me and see my value. The people who once thought very little of me have noticed and began changing but sadly their negative seeds have brought them a harvest to reap. It is troubling and fascinating to see, I am grateful I do, its a living lesson of the principals I’ve learned and why it takes courage and resolve to always strive to become the best self, to be YOU no matter what!

The You, whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy!

In gratitude

Week 21- Into the Unknown

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Here we go!

In week 21 we discuss further the cycle of the heroes journey, how it starts, how it develops, what takes place along the journey and how we exit once the cycle is complete. This phrase courtesy of Joseph Campbell is his discovery in learning from the all cultures of the world past and present, one common theme. The myths, legends and stories of all people passed down generation upon generation starts with an individual. This individual in their lives has an experience that forces them to SEE differently and it shakes them on a deep level. An experience that introduces them to a power within themselves and a power that is available to aid them if they embrace it. That new sight changes them challenges them and puts them on a new path. The call is given and if accepted an adventure awaits. They become the Hero simply by taking that first step. This is the beginning of the Heroes Journey.

As I observe myself on this journey, I realized where I am at in the cycle. I am able to understand clearer now, why so many challenges have recently stepped into my path. What is incredible, is that I can relate my entire life to this cycle. I can actually look at this chart and see myself on it like a map.

Wow that is mind blowing!

Maybe you can SEE yourself too.

Imagine someone telling you to trust them they have information that could make you wealthy. All you have to do is just invest some of your resources and have faith in what they have shared with you. In your mind it sounds good but you also have reservations and naturally some doubts. You reason out the risk and that slim margin of hope, possibility, that maybe, makes you take a chance.

What’s the catch?

The reward doesn’t come as quickly as some desire but it will come and you may have to get your hands dirty from time to time. You just have to be faithful, diligent and believe in the reward! One thing you should be aware fairytale-like experiences might happen to you, but don’t worry about it too much!

Ok, it wont be easy, I get it, may take a little effort, cool, lets get started, how hard can it be, right?

Alright, this is different but this is what they said I have to do…… ok a little effort.

Wait this is getting a lil strange now, I have to do what? I have to give up what? Man, I don’t know if this worth it? How much longer for the payoff?

Well He said it may get rough, ill give this some more time….. Hey quick question, if I decide I want to…. you know…get back my investment is there…. No!

No refunds on your initial investment, quit now and take a loss, stay the course and your RETURN will more than make up for it.

So really guess ill just have to accept my decision if I ever want my investment back.

Wouldn’t be so  challenging if I had some sort of sign that I am……..

What the…wait did I just….No just my mind playing tricks…that was just a coincidence.

No way, it happened again….I have to tell someone….but they will never…..ok stay calm get a hold of yourself!

Fairytale-like what if….

Oh My God this is Real! Its hard to believe….it defies everything I have ever known…am I losing my mind….

Yes you are!!!

That is THE TRUTH!

You are creating a new one!

Observing myself after these many weeks I can place myself at this time coming out of challenges/temptation and into the Abyss. The temptation to quit has always been present but now as this incredible course is winding down it ramped x10, as I am entering closer to the Unknown. I am at the doorway to the Abyss. This is the point where i think we were being patiently led to and guided by this course. This is the moment of truth for the faithful and diligent where our courage and persistence is needed more than ever. Self Direction.

There is a seriousness and weight that is undeniable deep within. I observe what’s happening and what is at stake for me. I will be relying on what I have learned and practiced these 21 weeks to live by the compass and not the clock. I am  the newborn eagle whose feathers and talons have finally grown. My guardian, My parents realize I have what I need to survive outside the nest and is preparing me for my first solo flight and where my true Heroes Journey begins!

Week 20- Better Recognize!

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There is no turning back now!
There isn’t any other way to describe the point I have reached in the Heroes Journey!
We are in the 20th week of our 26 week course and although the course is close to its completion what has been started I know will last a lifetime. I am forever changed no exaggeration or fluffing it up this is truth.
I am a Believer!
It’s also during this time I have faced the most resistance to stay on track, not give in and finish strong. It has not been easy and if not for the promise of the life I desire, deserve and know I can have, there have been many opportunities to lay down and stay down. Go back to the defeated life and feelings of unworthiness….. just writing that makes me cringe
and want to vomit.
That may seem extreme but once your mind has been stretched by a true thought, it can never regain its shape or what it once was. I have experienced too much and there would be more pain to stop trying and be defeated than to take the hits and keep moving forward!
It may seem strange for someone to welcome the storm to willfully stand and take the Hits but I have reached that place. The place I know it is necessary it is required it is my price.
Things seem to magically happen, confirmations, the strange coincidences that are not coincidences but manifestations of aligning thoughts and expanding our minds with new ideals and beliefs. Embracing what has been inside of us and what we are from the first day of our birth. Seeing and experiencing that holding on in faith, there is Truth, there is Reward!
It’s Incredible, an adventure but it’s not always roses and gum drops like Rock said to his son in the clip. It’s not how hard you hit but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. What a powerful message and I can just imagine if I was standing in front of the Great Universal Mind, the Omnipotent, the speech I get would be exactly the same and probably like this:
The Omnipotent: 
What are you pretending not to know?
You know you want better!
You know that old habits are hard to break!
You know No Pain No Gain!
You know Nothing worth having is going to be easy!
You know that you will always get what you always got if you keep doing what you’ve always done!
You know that insanity is doing the same thing expecting a different result!
The Omnipresent:
What are you pretending not to know?
You know you are more than a conqueror!
You know that the “I” will never leave YOU are forsake YOU!
You know that whatsoever ye desire if ye pray and Believe that Ye have Received it Ye shall have it!
You know that I can be what YOU will to be!
You know that the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent lives within you!
You know the unlimited potential of your mind and thoughts!
You know you are whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy!
The Omniscient:
What are you pretending not to know?
I know I am pretending IF I don’t  believe in the miracles that surround me!
I am pretending if I don’t see the never-ending display of the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent creator at work in everything around me.
The abundance, the love, the success of life, the ability of man, I am pretending if I don’t accept I am connected with all of it, the seen and unseen, microscopic and infinite.
I know I am pretending to not have access to unlimited power
Universal Mind:
What would the person YOU intend to become do next?
Stop Pretending!
Lesson 20 of the Master Keys shares the key of Recognition to become aware of the Power all around us all the time. This power is abundant and pulses thru every bit of dust to the smallest atom to the largest galaxies. We are ALL connected to this system that operates perfectly and precisely each of us could not exist if for a second this link were broken. A system that guides an abundance of life to fly south before the winter. A system that tells plants to shed their leaves to turn within and when to awaken beautifully. A system that allows the mighty spirits of the sea to navigate the unknown depths of the oceans as accurately as any submarine. A system that holds entire worlds in space in their own paths, spinning at precise speed to prevent chaos and collisions. A system that allows a thought held in your mind to be held in your hand!
We can choose to actively be a part of the system in harmony taking advantage of this unlimited abundance or ignorant and at the mercy of chance random conditions. The choice is ours but the system cannot pause! We must actively decide!
In Scroll V of Og’s Greatest salesman, it stresses to live this day as if it is our last. Life is not a guarantee but a gift to be grateful for each day. This ties in and nails Lesson 20 of how vital it is to not wait and lose a second we could be using to create the best version of ourselves in this short lifetime, when the power to do so is just a thought and a feeling away. The dynamic duo of Og and Haanel priceless!
Take the hits necessary to master ourselves, Recognize our connection to each other, our power and keep moving forward. Give more, Get More, Be More than Life’s Punching Bag!
Fight for your Right!!!!!
One Spirit One World

I know you, I have watched you from your beginning to this breath and have had visions of what you are capable of becoming. I have placed challenges and conditions around you to push you or pull you. You have the choice and always have had the ability to choose which action is best. You Alone as a human, I give this power and no other being in creation. It is a great power for your direction to create as I create, to be what you will to be whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. It is your right, it is yours without effort. I made the first lesson undeniable to you and called it birth. From nothingness you came out of the invisible and became visible to a world with purpose. A miracle created from thought and love, the invincible power, omnipresent and available within you. Do you not recognize what omniscience you were created from? What dwells within you? What are you pretending not to know?

Since a child I have been fascinated by the Hero. A person that overcomes challenges and obstacles to save the day. I was a very big comic book reader and I loved seeing the superheroes in them. I could relate to them and deep within I wanted to be one. Who doesn’t right?

A superhero with abilities and powers that are unavailable to regular human beings only a select few, the chosen. I was a huge fan of Marvel Comics whose characters have been popular in the theaters. Marvel has so many characters I was fascinated by them all, the different personalities, origins, uniqueness and individual forms of power each possessed. I would wish that some strange experiment or life changing encounter transformed me into someone not regular anymore LIKE THEM! I imagined what it would feel like to have their POWER.

But on the other side of the great power of the hero was the struggle within. The responsibility of having to live with this power hidden until crisis or the world was in danger. Living as a stranger in plain sight. Often times sacrificing everything they desire for themselves having to live a life behind a glass to protect those they care about, setting boundaries on expressing themselves openly. A life lived in service, humility and solitude.

These characters lives as a youth gripped me deeply. Here are these Super Beings with Power any Regular person on earth at face value would gladly accept to be more, greater than the others around them but these same Super Beings would wish nothing more than to be regular enough to enjoy life and freedom like everyone else.

Little did I know that then this lesson would be my own.

The Heroes Journey has been the theme what we use to describe the step we took toward the life we all deserve and desire. Each of us go thru victories and even small defeats but persist to keep going learning at all times things about ourselves we never took the time to understand or discover. Its a very personal provoking journey and its unique to each of us. This journey requires Courage, Strength, Insight, Vision, Intelligence, Attitude, Discipline, Intuition, Resolve and more, all qualities and character of a Hero.

Are you a Hero?

This week we start a new scroll for the month from the greatest salesman by Og and what Og stresses is live each day as if it is my last, give myself completely to the NOW, the present. Yesterday cant be changed and tomorrow is a gift we are grateful to receive not a guarantee. In addition to this we read an obituary daily, I believe that this is to drive in the point life is finite and to live the most of everyday not allowing the past or future distract you from the moment. Being in the moment and mindful of your thoughts. This combo has power!

This week it was made more real for me to get the point. I had a childhood friend I grew up with thru high school pass away. When I received the news I was hurt and stunned, so unexpected but then after a time my mind observing my reality picked up this was what I have been reading and absorbing in Scroll V this week. The Universe is giving me a real lesson I could not ignore literally. I never expected a requirement for this week would be met in such a dramatic way with an obituary that means so much to me. Events in my life are no longer random pieces coming together to form pictures. They are effects from my thoughts and as bizarre as it seems to comprehend I am the cause of what I experience.

Spiritual Death is what I am going thru mentally with old thoughts, ideas, relationships, beliefs and with regret this week I am experiencing it in the physical world.

Is this happening?

I have journeyed to far to believe coincidences that would be a convenient way to downplay this but I would be lying to myself and belittling a Omnipotence that makes its presence constantly known to me. Even if the methods it uses are beyond my understanding to create the new best version of myself.

Is what’s happening now all around me part of my transformation? Without a doubt, Yes!

The Hero is this his price?

What are you willing to give up for this Power everyone desires but few reach?

If what was required told to me at the beginning of the journey to become the Hero, the first step may never be taken. It is the first step that makes the Hero, the Courage to step out into the unknown with Faith and Persist. Once the commitment has been made this Journey makes all the Heroes I wished of becoming not a fantasy anymore.

What am I pretending not to know?

Great Power comes at a cost but its a good price to pay.

Over the last 17 1/2 weeks as a requirement we have to write a weekly blog describing what we have learned and experienced during the week. It acts as a journal and a spiritual diary for our hero journey of transformation. What I didn’t realize was how therapeutic writing has actually been. I have read from others that when you have problems, heavy heart, discouragements in your life just write and flow so that’s what I will do. Its what this journey is all about testing beliefs, creating new beliefs, learning, becoming, doing. This is my laboratory!

Words are thoughts expressing themselves thru language and thoughts at all times are trying to cross from the spiritual realm into our physical reality. This is a fact proven by the natural laws of the universe that we see everyday. What you think about is constantly searching for a bridge between the invisible into the visible It is a gift given to us from the divine to equip us for whatever, whenever. This Gift is not just for our benefit  but its for the benefit of our world and for the use of the Giver, the Omnipotent. Each of us not only has the ability to create our individual worlds but we are also creators created to be created thru.

If we are designed in the image of the intelligence that created us and our individual thoughts are always seeking to become reality. What about the thoughts of the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent? Wouldn’t those Thoughts constantly seek to express themselves? The Universe is constantly seeking the most powerful channel to work thru! What would the Universe want to create thru me? What do I have that this great power could use?

My Mind!

Each of us has heard, read or became aware from someone, we have this ability that we can tap into, this source that works like a genie in a bottle. Sounds Great but how? It sounds magical, bizarre, mumbo jumbo but its based on natural laws not always visible but there. It takes Faith like the Faith you put in your parents or favorite teacher telling you a fairy tale. Its hard to See and Believe BUT there is a slither of What If and its that tiny hope like a mustard seed in my life and journey, that has broken the soil and is now reaching for the sun.

Writing it seems is becoming a channel the universe has chosen to flow thru and the greatest channel it can use for now while developing the best version of myself. As the observer, I did not expect that writing would be a tool for my success. Writing has always been known and visible to me but not my focus. A overlooked ability but after some thought its not to take for granted. Ego says its not BIG enough that it needs to be more maybe something else i have learned to do, another talent or praise worthy ability I can beat my chest about and hold up high in pride…MINE! Not Yours!

As the observer with insight i come to realize even as i am writing this that I may have overlooked the forest for the trees. Could I being so conditioned by limiting beliefs and society been blinded to what could possibly be a major part of my purpose? Searching blindly for a purpose that’s been right under my nose in plain sight?

Our entire existence has been made available for us to evolve and learn thru words spoken and written! The written word that we see everyday on signs, driving, magazines, restaurants, schools, everywhere has shaped and created our entire world and civilization and continues. Think of all the power expressed thru the written word now and in the past. What more could I really be looking for to have an ability like this, that the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent could channel thru?

I think of Moses now, a great man of the Bible who God used to lead his people out of slavery into a better land. Moses was chosen by God to write His Thoughts for man, the 10 commandments. Moses was given ability to perform miracles in Egypt to prove the Omnipotence and Omnipresence of God to pharaoh. Moses was a channel whose faith and belief in the Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient allowed greatness to flow thru him and be of service. Moses is no doubt a great man but Moses at his first call, the Heroes call, told God he did not feel worthy of the greatness.

When the Omnipotence plan was revealed he pleaded and tried to convince God….. it should be someone else, he was not worthy or possessed the skills to complete it. One of the reasons he brought before God was, Father i am not a great speaker with my words. Moses had a real problem with speech, he stuttered, stumbled and truthfully did have a hard time saying things according to the Bible. So All wisdom made his brother Aaron accompany Moses to speak for him because his brother Aaron was a talented speaker.

This story is meaningful to me on many levels and where i am at right now. What stands out as i write this is Moses was used as a channel to produce written word not for his speaking ability. He was used for the ability he DID have, his strength, his uniqueness, his faith, for power to flow thru. The Universe found its greatest channel! The universal mind knows intimately what we are each equipped to be and what we each need it will provided to assist us if we have faith and be in harmony. How many of us deny our greatness because of our false limiting beliefs? Moses was so focused on his perceived faults that he made excuses to convince the Omnipotence and Omniscience that created him and knew his true unlimited potential. NO God I Can’t!

Could you say No to God?

Many of us do by not embracing we are natures greatest miracle? Give yourself permission to embrace and trust who you are as you are today. Love yourself and accept you were created perfectly for YOUR unique purpose not the purpose of your circumstances or environment. What you may incorrectly label a weakness could be the channel strength, wisdom and power needs to flow thru for the purpose of your greatness. Disconnect from the noise without into the silence within and listen for YOUR voice and Purpose will follow!

We can be so wrapped up in beliefs of how our purpose is to be revealed to us or what it is. What I have learned is purpose may not always show itself on a big screen with bright lights or a on a stadium jumbo tron it may already be right under our nose…….

Week 15- Sight Beyond Sight

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Imagine a candle in a room surrounded by darkness. The small candle appears to be consumed at the mercy of the large darkness, except…..for the area where the light shines. In that small circle of light, darkness cannot penetrate it…… until the candle loses its flame. The darkness must bend and obey the Will of the Light. The candle serves its thought of creation perfectly as designed, it burns brightly until its purpose is completed. The candle doesn’t burn faster or flame weaken because it is surrounded by darkness. It shines brightly from the moment it receives the flame until the time it releases the flame. The Conditions and Circumstances around it are only there to magnify and show how brightly it is shining. Its purpose is completed on its own terms. In its own time. Compare your purpose to the candle in the darkness with insight and learn a lesson of BEING…….what you are, the way you were created to be, with no concern for circumstance or conditioned beliefs just a focus on fulfilling your unique design and letting your flame burn brightly. Let Your Light SHINE! In YOUR Space right where YOU are! Do It Now! Just like the  earth is able to float in space by something unseen men have named gravity. There are other forces just as incredible that operate constantly which we can tap into once be we become aware


With Insight everything around us takes on a new life that was hidden right before our eyes. Life transforms into the great teacher. Objects have new meanings and purpose, Nature becomes a textbook, earth becomes a classroom, thoughts become worlds and minds lose limits like universes with no end. Insight shows you how the spiritual and the physical mirror each other, how the complex and the simple are able to tell the same story and get the same result. How the old humble wise farmer living off the land with regular simple Words and the highly esteemed scientist with 3 syllable technical terms can explain clearly the same subject and come to the same truth in their own uniqueness. Thru their own words each is understood in their own way. In Scroll IV of the greatest salesman its message is to accept and embrace being different and unique. To give insight and make clear each of us is, natures greatest miracle. Each of us has equal and undeniable right to feel and share greatness simply for who we are and being alive. We are all original masterpieces. Think about the miracle of your birth. How often do we forget just how awesome we are? Out of the millions of cells you were formed into a human being. You won the RACE out of 600 million sperm cells racing for one egg. You WIN or you DIE think about that. A 600,000,000 to 1 shot!

YOU WON!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The combination of the greatest salesman’s Scrolls and the Master key lessons compliment each other so well it really is amazing how hand and hand they work and support what the other is teaching. In the scrolls the lesson is embracing your true nature and stepping into and claiming your birthright. It is yours whether you accept it or not always on display for you whenever you decide to open your eyes and mind. You and I are natures greatest miracle. Take a moment and Think of all the incredible events that created you. Think of all the precise processes that had to come together, spiritual, physical, mental, emotional to gel and form the unique individual that you are. We are without a doubt the most advanced mechanism on the planet and that is worth acknowledging. We each have a uniqueness, each of us is an original work there isn’t another like us and never will there be anyone like us ever again. Would that knowledge be enough to make you believe you are special? A masterpiece for the world to appreciate! This is fact you are a masterpiece, an original work. Would that make you valuable? How would you feel if by chance on a trip you found a rare diamond buried in the earth or going thru the attic in a family members home and discovered a rare painting by a famous artist? How would that make you feel within? Awesome, Excited, Speechless, right? The discovery of a lifetime! You would feel like the luckiest person in the entire world. I am natures greatest miracle! Do you get the same feeling?       Is it any less of a fantastic discovery? Is a human being, the most advanced form known on this planet, have less value in our beliefs and world than a material possession like a diamond? Faced with that question among peers of course not but in the silence of character, history and the present has proven otherwise. How can we overlook this amazing fact when we interact with each other everyday and how do some look down on others as being less of a miracle? Honestly, its not very hard, opinions, judgments, beliefs, circumstances, conditions, media, all at one time or another in our lives. Have made us criticize, mistreat and dishonor the entire planets birthright of greatness not just mans.

Awareness is the first step! Chapter 15 of the master keys the lesson introduces Insight. To have the ability to look at a subject on a deeper level and get a more in depth understanding of it, below the surface. Insight is like spiritual vision to see into the soul of what you focus on. What better place to start using insight than to see ourselves as what we truly are natures greatest miracle. With Insight we can look past stereotypes, past enviroment, past posessions into the human…..BEING. See how perfectly our machinery was designed and constructed. See into the layers, how this form was expertly crafted by Intelligence that also used Insight on a Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent level to account for every success and challenge, imagined or real, we could ever face with all the tools needed. Lets use Insight to Learn how to use theses tools TOGETHER and SEE One Spirit, One Love, One World.

Week 14- Harmony

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It is the end of a year a time of celebration, gratitude and reflection. The time we look back and the time we look forward, its a special season all around the world like no other. There is no other time of the year quite like this when people have a purpose and are of like mind. It is a time of love, giving love, receiving love, accepting love and appreciating the love all around us. Its a season of success to look at all the victories large and small and be proud of them, acknowledge them and accept them. A time when we forgive others, others forgive us and more importantly we forgive ourselves. In this short period of time Love, Gratitude, Peace, Happiness and  Harmony are the Thoughts of millions of people.

Have you noticed how wonderful that feels when everyone is In the Spirit? Have you noticed how the World, your country, your state, your city, your neighborhood changes when all of those thoughts from millions of minds are aligned In the Spirit? Isn’t it an amazing feeling that comes from within and fills your soul with kindness? Have you observed in yourself and others how things at any other time of the year would affect you to react negatively, anger you, push you to lash out BUT now you let it pass and not even be bothered? Have you observed how strangers come to the aid of others in need because they are In the Spirit? What comes over us?

A thought.

Is this all by design from a higher source as an example and exercise of Unity and Love for all of humanity, to learn and be mindful of this experience. To show us a way to act when we are in the present? Present isn’t that what we exchange as a symbol to each other to show our love? Interesting and don’t we have to be present to think? That’s some deep SIT!

In the Spirit, the power of a group consciousness whose thoughts are focused and aligned in Harmony and Happiness. Thoughts can change circumstances, Thoughts can change environments and Thoughts filled with Love is Invincible. Is it any surprise that our world has no choice but be transformed during this special part of the year with this kind of power at work? Could there be another explanation? Imagine if everyone carried this Spirit with them thru the entire year? How would our entire world focused on Love and gratitude look and become?


I wish Christmas was everyday…..

In the Spirit is what the lessons in these past weeks have been all about for me. During this holiday season all of us are given a chance to experience what it is to be in harmony with Spirit from above and each other. I am always amazed by this journey of self discovery and its timing. When we look deeper the cause is always our thoughts, the outcomes of those thoughts and what they create are what we see and experience in our lives and environment. We are connected to Spirit/Universal Mind thru our thoughts. Thought is the bridge between the seen and the unseen. Mkmma makes you go to the root and teaches you to go thru the layers of situations, circumstances and conditions. To go past the opinions of an outcome and truly understand how it was created.

It can be fascinating, you ignite the curiosity we all have as children to explore and absorb as much as our minds allow. It can be paralyzing, like time stands still, frozen, when you finally discover the true reasons and causes of your pains, negativities and struggles. The monsters in the dark which kept us in fear can no longer hide from the light. You become aware, solutions becomes visible, it is life altering and you can never be the same person…… you are instantly transformed forever……you can never go back and you become a student of yourself, natures greatest miracle.

I have learned more about myself in these 14 weeks than any other time in my life. In this season of new beginnings, reflection and gratitude I cant think of a better time to experience and appreciate MKMMA it adds so much more meaning to this special time so many cherish. In the Spirit and in Harmony!

Week 13-Know Yourself

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In week 13, for my meditation,the focus this week was to allow myself  to feel the connection of the universal mind, the creator, God, and embrace the fact I am a part of Him/Her. To realize my creator and I are one, I am a part, a puzzle piece, a slice of a power that created an entire UNIVERSE.  Which is beyond measure at this point of our existence nor completely understood what it Truly is. What is known, it is substance, its alive, it grows, it moves, everything alive contains this substance. Everything….. organic, inorganic, seen or unseen imagined or manifested and………

I am, We are a scaled version of the Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience that created this substance.

Take a moment to allow that thought to take center stage in your mind.

It easy to believe and acknowledge that a higher power exists there are countless examples in nature, in ourselves and the endless wonders in space to justify such a belief. Its the backbone of all religion. An intelligence beyond what we think we are capable of had to be the source. A God of Great and Miraculous Power. A Grand Designer. A Universal Mind. A Omnipotence

Such a great power no doubt has a wisdom, an all knowing on a level of comprehension that strips away our speech. A wisdom to create gravity and place planets at just the right precision to sustain life abundantly and comfortably. A wisdom to make available the building blocks and elements within our atmosphere to work in unison with trees and together produce oxygen that is unseen but vital for the survival of everything that breathes. How many times have we taken for granted that substance unseen but undeniably vital for our existence like oxygen? A Omniscience

Now know that this power is all around you, at every instant of time, in the air, in the clouds, in the earth, in nature, within you, within me, every atom, always working, always creating, wherever you are and wherever you are not this power is active and ready. It is always present like the great oceans that show no signs of drying away, as abundant as the stars in the heavens, as plentiful as the grains of sand in the vast deserts. Wherever you can think, dream or imagine it is there, Infinitely Available.  A Omnipresence

There is very little to disagree about there IS a intelligence behind everything of our world and beyond. An intelligence I strive in hope to one day better appreciate in harmony and become closer to. Many of faith believe and pray out of respect and recognition to this Grand Designer it is understood and accepted we are less only a fraction of a fraction of the Creators Fullness. Like GOD?……in the minds of the unknowing that thought is impossible and foolish to consider.

During my meditation I dwelled on this and reflected on all the wise sayings of the great teachers, the new discoveries of science I learned, readings from the Master Keys, verses “I am a temple of the Living God” “The Father and I are one” “It is not me that doeth the work but the Father that dwelleth in me” “I can be what I will to be” “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.” Whatsoever thing ye desire when ye pray believe that ye have received it and ye shall have it.” All of these things lead into the same direction, using inductive reasoning. The Universal Mind, the Grand Designer, The Creator of ALL Substance is a part of me and I in Him, I accept it……..take a moment and accept this, silence doubt, feel it in your heart. Have Courage and Faith! Believe in this magnificent power within you. Do It Now!

This acceptance is not ordinary or a small thing. It can be challenging. A percentage, a fraction, a portion, a degree. I am, YOU are a percentage of an Intelligent Power that has created Universes of Energy with NO END……. dwell on that!  Would you be excited if 1% of 1 billion was waiting for you to claim it?

An Intelligent Power that created the most advanced piece of machinery in our existence the human being and mind. The mind that has made it possible for you to read these words on a screen, attached to a device, plugged into a outlet, supplying electrical energy, fed from a line able to handle thousands of volts without disintegrating, into your built house, miles away from where it is generated by a power plant, which was designed and created from a mans thought, which is a substance that acts on Universal laws, set in place by Universal Mind which you are of the same in kind and quality.

So what is a percentage of Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence, What is a degree of Unlimited POWER, WISDOM, PRESENCE?

Go stand in front of the mirror and see for yourself! One Spirit

week 12- Revelations

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The Heroes Journey every week seems to make those two words more and more true and real. One of the things that always fascinates me and really humbles me is how the scrolls from the greatest salesmen in the world seem to come alive and I literally start living what it reveals ready for it or not. Every scroll to this point has had perfect timing with what has been happening in my life its the kind of thing where you have to stop and pinch yourself. I am forced to acknowledge there is a force, a power working, there is SOMETHING……SOME……THING… guiding, giving me direction!  There have been moments, when this idea and feeling have been so overwhelming that its pushed me to create false doubts this cant be reality, OMG what have I tapped into, what have I unleashed in my life, what if this invisible power is TRUE!

I would be Unstoppable!


It means I have no excuse to fail and that can be frightening. No more crutches, no more loopholes, no more justifications, all the bridges are burned and there is no going back to old familiar ground, habits or blueprints. The only way to go is forward into the unknown with just my knowledge, courage and faith. All the comfortable things I have become use to… situations, conditions, environments, circumstances, associations, relationships will have to be aligned to this new person being created or be left behind possibly with no return. Ready for that?

What am I really willing to give up to gain the success I truly desire? How bad do I really want to change the life I am living right now, this minute, this moment? Without THINKING we all will jump and answer to say of course I want it, I want the good life! Yes we all do but are we willing to DO what is required when the solution is revealed? When the choice is made a heroes journey into your soul awaits and turning back is not an option, you begin learning so much about yourself and who you THOUGHT you were its an experience I don’t think you could put a price on or not take advantage of. Living with scroll 3 it encourages us to persist and keep going to “embrace the suck” meaning learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable and lately I have had a lot of suck to embrace. I was thinking pretty deeply on why this was happening when I am making effort thru study to eliminate it. Was I doing something wrong and not getting it? Ultimately, I AM creating this with my thoughts but why, how? Then my other self gave me a revelation that really proved again there is a course and a guidance at work. I got a reasoning that how could I ever understand what I am being taught if I don’t go thru the experience or situations that would demand me to apply what I learned. You are not doing anything wrong, what’s happening to you is necessary and I HAVE to provide examples so you will have the opportunities to get stronger thru practice. The greater your test the greater your success.

When these thoughts came into my mind the first thing I felt was Love. I felt there was a powerful presence that cared for me enough to teach me how to overcome my challenges and wanted me to succeed even if its painful for me now. Like a Parent that knew what I saw as unnecessary or wrong was just growing pains in becoming the greatest version of myself. We are children of the universe are we not!  That led right into lesson 12 of master keys how we must first have knowledge of our power, courage to try, and faith to do. We must first learn how to become better operators of ourselves, our minds and the power available to us at every moment.  In this internet age of instant results it so easy to forget it takes time to accomplish and build what really matters the most in our lives and we need to be especially mindful, loving and forgiving to ourselves while learning to master the greatest apparatus that has ever been created Ourselves.